Latex Eye Pasties

Latex Eye Pasties

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Handmade in Canada by LockedintheCellar 

Material: Latex 

Excuse me, my eyes are down here!

These super realistic eye nipple covers are based on the most detailed Third Eye Prosthetic you'll find - our Wide Open Third Eye - but they are slightly larger and rounder to provide better coverage. They have highly detailed eye inserts with a durable glossy finish, capillaries and eyelashes. The size of the eyes matches most peoples (average).

Diameter: 5 cm / 2 in
Set of 2

For best results, apply like a regular prosthetic: glue it on with spirit gum or pros-aide, and blend in the edges with a small amount of liquid latex. Our edges are super thin, for easy invisible blending.

Available in a wide selection of eye colours.

– Set of 2.
– Hand-crafted, latex appliances with super thin edges for easy blending.
– Realistically painted, lifelike eyes with veining, glossy finish and eye lashes.
– Pre-tinted latex ‘skin’ goes translucent on most skin tones. Available in Light, Medium or Dark skin. Skin tones won't be an exact match, but if you select the one closest to you, it will blend invisibly because of the translucent edges.
– Full application instructions included.
– Skin safe adhesive and liquid latex required for application (NOT included).

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