Cyclops Facial Prosthetic

Cyclops Facial Prosthetic

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Handmade in Canada by LockedintheCellar 

Material: Latex 

When wearing this Cyclops Prosthetic, your eyes are completely hidden and only the cyclops eye catches the eye! However, we added 4 hidden, cleverly positioned slits to give you as much vision as possible without becoming too obvious.

The eye opening is 35 mm wide and 17 mm high, which is around 50% larger than a normal human eye. The eye piece is highly realistic: it has a detailed iris, capillaries and a durable glossy finish. We paint the waterline in a pinkish colour, and add an eyelash (unless you order the eyelash-less version).
We make our edges are super thin, so you can blend them invisible with a bit of liquid latex.

Choose your combo from 7 eye colours and 3 skin tones.

– Hand-crafted, latex appliance with super thin edges for easy blending.
– Recommended for use on adults or teens.
– Realistically painted, lifelike eye with veining, glossy finish and eye lash.
– Pre-tinted latex ‘skin’
– Full application instructions included.
– Liquid latex required for application (NOT included). 

Vision will be limited (peripheral especially) when wearing this prosthetic. However, it is easy to trim the eye slits larger/wider if necessary.

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