Autopsy Scar Prosthetic

Autopsy Scar Prosthetic

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Handmade in Canada by LockedintheCellar 

Material: Latex 

It’s good to come back to life! Too bad the autopsy left such nasty scars…

You can wear this Autopsy Scar Prosthetic perfectly with a shirt or low cut tank top. It doesn’t go all the way down your stomach, so you only have to apply the part of the scar that’s actually visible. It’s awesome for a sexy look when showing some cleavage. Looks great on men as well!

We designed this Autopsy Scar to have a few stitches that came undone in the center, with a piece of skin flapping open for an extra gory effect. You can wear it as a clean application, or add extra blood splatter!

We craft our prosthetics individually out of tinted, flexible latex, with super thin edges for easy blending. Then we pre-paint the cuts by hand with a deep red paint, and add the stitches.
The prosthetic is available in 3 skin tones!

Size: 18 cm wide, 20 cm tall (7" wide, 8" tall)

– Hand-crafted, latex appliance with super thin edges for easy blending.
– The injury is pre-painted with high attention for detail, in deep red.
– Pre-tinted latex ‘skin’ goes translucent on most skin tones. Available in Light, Medium or Dark skin. Skin tones won’t be an exact match, but if you select the one closest to you, it will blend invisibly because of the translucent edges.
– Full application instructions included.
– Liquid latex and adhesive required. NOT included.

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