Independent Artists

Here is a showcase of independent artists worth a listen. Full of emotion, creativity and inspiration. Listen to some great independent experimental music unlike you've ever experienced, and discover new great artists!



Canadian born and raised, passionate, and eccentric. Skelle is sure to bring you a rainbow of emotions, and captivate you with her uniquely emotional and progressive approach to music. With an array of genres, there is something for every type of music lover! Owner and founder of Skelles Closet, but also full of surprises! Interested in using any of this music for a project, or wanting to collab? Email with an outline of your interest and any helpful details to better assist you with any request(s) you may have!



Danae Winters

This Southern belle is far from ordinary, try extraordinary! With magical tones and experimental sounds, her vibe will be sure to take you to a whole new dimension of serenity. Be sure to find her on instagram @thewinterseffect

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