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Our mission is to channel connectivity and resources between many types of artists and creative individuals. We have spent a lot of time and a lot more research, searching for things that we don't all too commonly find in our endeavours and conquests. We have carefully selected many products available around the world and making them more accessible for every type of artist on every type of budget. From movie props and costumes to our long-lasting, natural, vegan, cruelty-free makeup, we have you covered!


Infinity Professional Studio Makeup

Our line is built with Canadian endurance, with long lasting formulas that are natural and hypoallergenic. All formulas are made in Canada, cruelty free and most are also 100% Vegan, with many other amazing quality features such as mineral bases, and a fair sized color selection! Don't see a color you're looking for ? We can see what we can do for you! We also feature the InFAMOUS by Skelle cosmetic products, full of color and attitude, and all the same amazing formula types as our Infinity brand, but with many color selections that are smokey, bold and even some daring!

Currently we are working towards our own clothing and costume brand and designs,  but in the meantime we have searched thoroughly for some amazing products for those working in Entertainment and performing arts, and/or any creative/expressive individual/artist !

Were still growing and expanding daily, and hope you can provide us with your feedback regarding your experiences with us at Skelles Closet!


Email us at Skellescloset@gmail.com for any questions,  comments, or inquiries. 

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